Confidential non disclosure policy

We thank you for visiting website being operated by Truong Dinh Holding Company Limited. We respect and are committed to protecting your personal data Please read the User Personal Data Protection Policy provided hereunder to better understand our commitments to respect and protect the rights of visitors to our website. Protecting user personal data and building trust in users is very important to us. We therefore will use your name and other data relative to you in compliance with this policy

User personal data protection policy

Customers will be required to fill out information fields contained in the form provided on on the website, including full name, address (private residence or office), email address (company email or personal email), telephone numbers (mobile phone, private residence or office) answers to optional questions, etc. Provision of that information is associated with us. serving as a base for us to respond to customers’ queries/requests.

  • Regarding cookies: Cookies are data folders that are stored temporarily or permanently on the user’s computer hard drive. Cookies are used to verify track (protect state) and maintain specific information about the use and users of website, site preferences for instance. These cookie directories may be made available on the user’s computer per clause(s) of the contract(s) signed between Truong Dinh Holding and its advertising service provider(s) for the above mentioned purposes and data collected by those are anonymous. If you do not agree with this setting you may delete all cookies that are already made available on your computer’s hard drive by searching folders that have cookies in the folder name and deleting them Going forward users may edit browser preferences on their device so that (future) cookies are blocked. Please note that by doing so users may not be able to use the full features of the website. For more information on how to use and not accept cookies, please visit website

1. Purposes of collecting user personal data

We collect user personal data for the following purposes:

  • Customer Care services, including our responses to your requests, complaints, or feedback.
  • Personalization: We can combine data collected to have a more complete view of customers, which enables us to serve customers better with a stronger personalization in all aspects, including but not limited to: (i) improve and personalize your experience on the website; (ii) improve utilities, services, adapt those to personalization requirements and come up with new service ideas; (iii) provide you with referrals and advertisements tailored to your own interests.
  • Security: for the purpose of preventing activities that destroy customer user accounts or customer counterfeiting activities.
  • Depending on what laws regulate from time to time we may collect, store and provide relevant information to authorized government agencies, as laws may require.

2. Scope of use of personal data

We collect your personal data when:

  • You directly provide to us: Those are personal data you provide us on this website, including full name, email address, telephone number, residence address, and login details which are any information required to set up an ID account, such as ID name, login password, ID/ login address and security questions/ answers.
  • You interact with us: We use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect certain information when you interact on the website.
  • From other eligible sources: We may collect personal data from other eligible sources.

3. Length of time to store personal data

Users agree that when and where necessary, the following agencies, organizations/ individuals have the right to access to and collect user personal data, including:

4. People or agencies who may have access to user personal data

There is no limit on the length of time to store customer personal data unless you, as a customer, send the Web Administration Committee a request to dispose of your personal data being stored by us or in case the Company goes insolvent or bankrupt.

  • Web Administration Committee;
  • Third-party (ies) who provide integrated services for website;
  • Event companies and sponsors;
  • Market research companies;
  • Financial, legal consultants, and auditing companies;
  • A complainant who has proof of user act(s) of the violation;
  • Pursuant to a request of competent state agencies.

5. Address of the information collection and management unit

6. Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data

Users have the right to check, update, revise or delete their personal data by sending a request to the Website Administration Committee.

Users have the right to submit complaints to the Web Administration Committee when disclosure of their personal data to a third party is involved. Upon receipt of such complaints, Truong Dinh Holding will acknowledge its receipt of the same, be responsible to notify causes, and instruct users to restore and keep confidentiality of the information provided again by Truong Dinh Holding users.

Forms of receiving user complaints:

7. Commitment to keep confidentiality of user personal data

Website Administration Committee commits to keep the confidentiality of user personal data provided on the website in accordance with the user personal data protection policy posted on the website. The collection and use of each user’s personal data are subject to the user’s agreement unless otherwise regulated by law or in this user’s personal data protection policy.

The use, transfer, provision, or disclosure of user personal data to a third party is not allowed without the consent of the user unless otherwise regulated in this policy or by law.

In the event that a data server is attached by a hacker resulting in the loss of user personal data, the Website Administration Committee is responsible to notify and work with investigation authorities timely and notify users about the incident.

Store all user personal data in Truong Dinh Holding’s central server securely and in strict confidence.

8. Mechanism of receiving and handling complaints related to user personal data

Upon detecting that their personal data are used for a wrong purpose or scope, users are required to send complaints via email to or call 028 39115181 to appeal and provide the Website Administration Committee with evidence related to the case. Website Administration Committee commits to respond to user complaints immediately or within 24 (twenty-four) working hours latest upon receipt of the complaint.

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